Suhas Tejaskanda helps India crackdown on drug mafia

Suhas Tejaskanda helps India crackdown on drug mafia

Scientist-turned-entrepreneur, Suhas Tejaskanda, calls himself a ‘gentleman scientist exploring new things.’ He is the CEO of Comfytronics, which manufacturers domestic appliances. However, the purpose of Suhas’ existence seems to be the new and exciting ventures that he attempts and accomplishes for the greater good. The latest one in the long list of ‘things’ that he has explored so far is a new technology, which could put a spoke in the wheel of the drug mafia. This technology is called Unattended Battlefield Surveillance Systems (UBSS), which is currently saving lives of our soldiers.

You would realize the significance of one of his notable works if you come to know that nearly a ton of heroine is consumed in our country every day. This daily dose of heroin is worth more than 100 crore rupees. The drug addiction has turned into a complex neurobiological disease, especially affecting our younger generation. Apart from heroin, cocaine, marijuana, etc also form a major portion of the illegal drugs sold everyday in India.

It is the drug mafia that has become the biggest headache for our narcotics agencies, who need to keep an eye on the operational routes through which the drugs are supplied into our system. A significant portion of the money earned through selling these drugs is also used to fun terrorist activities against our interests.

In wake of this information, the work that Suhas is doing gains immense importance. He says, “we need a modern approach to this global threat. I can’t afford to lose even a single life due to drugs from now on in India. I can’t see Indian youth getting rotten with these drugs.”

At present Suhas is working on live modernization for different states but his main focus remains cracking down on the drug mafia.

Source: Hindustan Times

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