Sonu Sood on Sanjay Raut’s criticism: It is his opinion

Sonu Sood on Sanjay Raut’s criticism: It is his opinion

Actor Sonu Sood says that it does not matter what people say as long as migrants are getting to go home and reunite with their families. In response to Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut’s dig at him, Sood said that time will tell the truth.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been helping migrants reach home and his efforts are being lauded. As the nationwide lockdown eases in several parts of the country, the actor is busy making travel arrangements for his migrant brothers and sisters.

As a result of Sood’s efforts, 24-year-old Shaidul Barbhuiya, who works as a chef in Pune, boarded an Air Asia flight along with 179 others.

Barbhuiya hails from Village Mohammedpur Part 1 which is in Hailakandi district of Assam. All 180 passengers who boarded the flight are from different villages of the same district, which is very near to the Silchar airport.

Migrant labourers waiting at Mumbai airport to get into flight that will take them to Silchar

During lockdown, Barbhuiya did not get any food or monetary help from his catering business owner. He says he ran up a loan of about 15,000 from others so that they could stay alive. When a few trains were run from Pune, some of his friends left, but these people could not make it.

After hearing about trains leaving for Assam from Mumbai, Barbhuiya, along with the others, came to Mumbai and lived under a flyover for two days in hopes of traveling via train. However, soon they realised that they won’t be able to do so. When they realised that they were still not going to make it home, the chef made a video and appealed to Sonu Sood on social media.

Sood, who has been involved in sending many migrant labourers home during the lockdown, immediately got down to helping these people, who took a flight for the first time in their life.

As Barbhuiya was about to enter the airport, Sood reached the departure area. Seeing him there, Barbhuiya and others started thanking him. The actor obliged many including Barbhuiya by posing for a selfie and told them that he will come to Assam and meet them.

Shaidul Barbhuiya clicking a selfie with Sonu Sood

However, in spite of all the work that Sood has been doing, he has been accused of doing so at the behest of BJP. In response to this, Sood said, “I believe these people are going home. It does not matter what people say as long as people are going home and getting back to their families. That is important. Me and Neeti had started this Ghar Bhejo and even as we talk, people from Jammu are going to Ranchi, Kanyakumari, Odisha, and Kerala. In fact we want to thank the Maharashtra Government for helping us. If they had not helped, then it was not possible to do this.”

On Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut lashing out against him recently, Sood said, “It is his opinion. He is a big man. I am sure time will tell the truth and he will realise. But I believe whatever is happening is all thanks to Uddhav and Aditya Thackeray. They have helped. They are my friends. Aslam Sheikh has been a great help. All this would not have been done without their help. But more important than all this is that people are getting home. That is the only intention here.”

Hours after Raut’s dig, Sood went to meet Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and his son Aditya at their residence. About the meeting he said, “They are very nice people. I know them from earlier. It was just a warm meeting. We had a cup of coffee and I thanked them for all the warmth.”

Clearing the air whether he really has plans of getting into politics, Sood said, “Look, as an actor I am very busy. I have many big films lined up and I want to do films. I live the space of an actor. A few people saying all this will not change it. One cannot stop people from saying anything. There is democracy here. It is ok. But I enjoy my space as an actor. I don’t have any interest in politics. Not at all.”

Sonu Sood promised to continue this work unfazed by the controversy and said, “These are the people who were stuck in Kurla (Mumbai) under a flyover. They contacted us through Twitter. We put them at a place. And now they are going. Similarly many others have been helped in reaching home. As long as people keep asking for help, we will keep helping them.”

Source: India Today

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