Famed Bharatanatyam dancer Asha Adiga considered the flag bearer of India’s culture on the world stage

Famed Bharatanatyam dancer Asha Adiga considered the flag bearer of India’s culture on the world stage

Artists as immensely talented as Asha Adiga, have been created to create. The art that they are creating today is making the world a tiny bit better for anyone who consumes it. 

In Asha Adiga’s own words, “Art is our way of life; it is a God and I treat it as such”. She has lived up to her words ever since the day she realized she had a gift. Majorly known for her brilliance in Bharatanatyam dance, she is also a renowned Carnatic music performer. With that, her 30 plus years career has seen her as a choreographer, musician, artistic director, composer, and educator. Her life has been an endless stream of reputable stage performances, original novel dances, dance-drama productions, and music compositions.

Even in today’s days and age with tools like the internet at our disposal, Indian culture is still underrepresented on the world stage. Considering how wide and varied the Indian arts are, it is almost essential that the world sees everything we have to offer. Asha Adiga with her talent has managed to make a dent on this stage. Always proud of her culture, she began training from a very young age. Thanks to her parents, she got her initial education in Bharatanatyam from the best of the best gurus out there. That one opportunity to learn a new skill opened up a plethora of other opportunities for her where she could discover her talents. From there she moved on to get trained in Carnatic music, Kuchupudi, Indian folk dance, Yoga, and even Yakkshagana.

With all her various lessons under her belt, Asha Adiga used her creativity to innovate in artistic dance like ‘Nrithya yoga’. This combined her love for both dance and yoga with a dash of entertainment for the masses. She frequently combined music and dance to tell old unheard stories in our culture. These stories live on today amongst the people because of her interpretations in the most entertaining yet educational ways possible.

Asha Adiga’s sheer brilliance has taken her to stage performances all over India and USA. She has been committed to not only preserve but also transmit India’s unique culture among people all around the globe. Every single day she shares her knowledge in the arts with her students at the academy she found in Illinois, USA. This academy called the Acharya Performing Arts Academy Inc. has been successful in teaching over 200 students all kinds of Indian dance forms. Many of her students have gone on to pursue their dance careers. They are the ones who will carry her legacy forward for the whole world to marvel at.

Through all the aforementioned art forms, Asha Adiga has managed to educate the world about India’s art and culture and educate them on the varied dance forms our country has to offer. Her young shoulders bear the weight of this mammoth task but she is handling it with the same grace she brings to her dance. 

Source: Deccan Herald

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